The Mayans have prophesied an event of gigantic global implications in 2012 owing to the pole shift which is projected by many as a doomsday. It may or may not so but ten yrs ago, two burning poles of American power definitely triggered a giant upheaval in geopolitical segment and perpetuated profound implications in the world. 9/11, the purported terror strikes at the heart of United States transformed a self proclaimed ‘compassionate conservative’ President Bush into a fierce hawkish war monger who initiated a global ‘war on terrorism’ and subsequently led two invasions together articulating a major shift in his administration’s policy….

People laugh at those who say that 9/11 was staged by a subset of American think tankers at the behest of its intelligence community and such doubters are usually branded as ‘conspiracy theorists’. To begin with if I make this statement that a first grader cracked the IIT-JEE, it’s theoretically possible as the student might be either a child prodigy or may have been aided by the examiners themselves to go through as even the best coaching institute wont be able to coax an average first grader into the premier institute. The 19 Arab hijackers who engineered the 9/11 atrocities are like that first grader who were described by their flight training associates as sluggishly naïve making it look preposterous to imagine Al Qaeda and Bin laden together making too good a formidable coaching unit to steer them into fooling an array of intelligence agencies(there are a dozen officially), and strike at the heart of America with its entire security apparatus caught napping.

Attacks do happen, agencies do fail but the kind of standoff the US military exhibited that fateful day definitely raises eyebrows as to what went so wrong that even NORAD which has a cent percent record failed four times. It’s an open knowledge that the Americans were conducting war games(security drill) that day which included a stimulated scenario of hijacked planes been used as missles to crash at targets. These very drills confused NORAD into believing they are fake hijackings to jeopardize their identification of them as real. This delayed their notification to the air force making it impossible for them to get airborne, intercept and possibly shoot the hijacked planes before they reached their targets. It’s a great coincidence that war games were planned on the same day when actually the attacks happened,but a coincidence can be easily differentiated from a conspiracy if u think about the beneficiaries of the attack.

9/11 ensued two invasions into Afghanistan and Iraq which up scaled the shares and profited defense companies like Carlyle group whose major stake holders include the cream of western leaders like Margaret Thatcher to Tony Blair, members of the Bush administration as well as the members of the BIN LADEN family. These men profited when war on terrorism disseminated which makes them amazing beneficiaries of 9/11 notwithstanding those two invasions which lactated them with lucrative defense contracts , excruciated America’s defense budget and helped them milk their oil rich middle east control agenda. Perhaps it looks a cruel fantasy as to how will a Govt muster the courage of killing its own citizens to feed its goals and the military industrial complex?? Well history has documented that , in 1960 the chief of staff General Lemintzer proposed sabotaging American interests by terror attacks at the behest of the CIA and blaming it on Fidel Castro’s men to get an ‘excuse’ into invading Cuba and this information is available even on CIA website.

The most important thing that can intricate anything is the Scientific facts. The scope of it is beyond the limits of the article but some great anomalies of 9/11 include the collapse of the steel structured twin towers by fire which is for first time in history, black boxes were never found along with the genetic material of the passengers which melted in the plane explosion but the FBI however did manage to find the ‘paper’ made passport of ring leader and the pilot Mohammed Atta in the rubble.The govt story of a plane crash in pentagon mocks your commonsense if u look at the pictures where there is no trace of a plane wreckage.Even the mystery imbibed collapse of WTC 7 is not explained by the govt. Right from Larry Silverstein (WTC owner) who won an insurance worth billions to Bush cabinet, military and defense who profited immensely to the neo American policy of global dominance which became fruitful, 9/11 was a blessing in disguise to all these men.

As reported in The Times Of India there was an overwhelming evidence of links between Atta and the ISI chief in form of financial transactions which funded 9/11 and the said ISI chief is known to be a staunch CIA lackey, making it a love triangle needing full scale investigation. The 9/11 commision never tried to dig these aspects. Is it not essential to know who paid for the attacks???

From scientific anomalies right up to documented history, 9/11 perfectly fits in as a covert intelligence operation which is also termed as false flag,a textbook weapon of attacking ur own citizens and blaming it on other elements to furnish their agenda. It has been used by men in power for years to fulfill their holistic goals.(read rise of Hitler).9/11 not only changed the world but also subverted some basic laws in science and common sense which were never highlighted by the American mainstream media but loads of exhaustive material on them is provided by the alternative news sources……….

Is important to know that people used to laugh when there were talks about Lee Oswald not acting alone but the American congress did agree in 1970 that president Kennedy was perhaps assassinated by a plot laminating the fact that conspiracies do exist and 9/11 being an inside job is not a mere fantasy. Whatever said and done the feiry pandemonium in New York that day took thousands of innocent lives and they will never be alive with whoever may be responsible…..



When America lost one of the biggest battles of cold war era in Vietnam, there were speculations and analysis as to what led to its waterloo??One of the reasons instrumental in defeating them were deep spider holes which kind of insulated the Vietnamese against the invading military super power.Just a thought sprouted in my mind that if such powerful invaders storm into Mumbai what do we have to counter such an aggression??If Vietnam had those spider holes, we have potholes …..but unfortunately we are not sure if they will be a weapon against the invaders as perhaps they are acting like a ‘friendly fire’ of a battle which is mauling and killing its own people and occupants……

That day, newspapers were splashed with two stories about men who had to lose their dear lives because they died fighting an aberration spread across the roads of Mumbai.When people in Mumbai complained of waterlogging, the BMC took it seriously and made holes to allow it to seep perhaps and we now call the work of these assholes on roads as potholes.Those two innocent mumbaikars were not victims of an accident. They were ‘murdered’ just the way Aamir Khan put it in 3 Idiots after the suicide of his fellow student, who gives into the pressure exerted by the education system. Here on these pathetic roads these men were killed by the composite Govt-BMC inaction and bribery infested construction system which has deprived the city a safe travel for decades. Right from a woman whos expecting a baby to a lone biker whos hurrying up for work , every segment of its inhabitants are taking a risk when they embark on a journey. When there are talks about riding on a dream of transforming this cosmopolitan hub into a world class centre like Shanghai, these roads riddled with BMC patented architecture is the biggest stumbling block to the core. The biggest shocker was from the CM when he announced a paltry figure of say a few thousand as the number of potholes disseminated across the city. He perhaps may be imagining that the people here have potholes drilled in to their minds to make them morons into believing this stupid statement.I have been to Delhi outside the parliament and even area spread across Mantralaya where roads are as smooth as butter which proves its not impossible to make good roads but its impossible to enforce the officers and the govt who are hand in glove in this deed.The BMC controlled by the Shiv Sena has issues to stop Pakistani cricketers from playing in Mumbai and so they have dug up pitches at Wankhede to stop them and this explains their proficiency in making pothole filled highways and roads.

Potholes now have become a part of our sub culture or perhaps torture which even Lord Ganesh must be compelled to face when he comes on a vacation in this city every Chaturthi…..

The twinkling stars in the sky must be wondering what is so attractive on the streets of Mumbai,which has modified a nursery rhyme in this way

twinkle twinkle little stars
less u are than potholes yaar
deep they are in breadth n height
making bumpy every ride



In the timeless classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’, the beauty kidnapped by the beast in to lavish hospitality realizes he is the man of her dreams in the end when the spell is broken. However when u talk about a contemporary factual tale of a princess who was married to the ‘beastly’ British monarchy, u cannot expect a fairy tale ending. In this case the prince however turned out to be a part of that ‘systemic’ beast which perhaps drove the beautiful princess into a suspicious untimely death.

On 31 August 1997, a Mercedes had rammed across the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris, killing most of its occupants. Amongst them was a pale woman whose tattered face still expressed a subtle breath to live. Her heart had shifted to the other side, but she still was struggling, recuperating feebly and clinging to her life. Princess Diana and her fairy tale which began at a beautiful spring in Sandringham and which plunged into a traumatic phase at the Buckingham met a mystery imbibed tragic demise to nail a sad ending to an angelic infused exuberant personality. A teenaged quiet, shy and a girl next door portrayed bride of prince Charles had transformed into a woman of substance. Her divorce to Charles had strengthened her resolve to carve out a better place in this big bad world which probably shortened her length of years. She was never was afraid to speak her mind out but not without cutting apart her heart to poor and the discontented. She touched and kissed poor African children inflicted by HIV when it wasn’t even clear if physical touch could transfer the life threatening virus. Diana was adored by the masses, her persona used by the frenzy paparazzi; her marriage was a compromise with Camilla infatuated Charles and her motherhood was used by the royal family to produce off springs to the throne with a refined bloodline as she belonged to the prominent Spencer family. Her death is more speculated than her life being a party to a hotbed of numerous conspiracy theories ranging from serious charges of involvement of the royal family to the subtle murmurs of her death been a plot orchestrated by the ‘Military bosses’ at the behest of the intelligence. Her death as an assassination has yielded documentaries, films and books but not a definite answer to the question as to who silenced her voice. From being a headache to her house hold insiders for maintaining relationship with Dodi Al Fayed, she also was a dangerous obstacle to surging profits for the military industrial complex when she opposed ‘land mines’ in Africa. In spite of all the odds she choose to live a dignified life, notwithstanding paparazzi attempts to malign her image, she came out with a positive outlook and etched into people’s heart an inspiring figure who never let her them down even if perhaps her people did.

Diana tried to be a rebel in spite of being a proponent of the same system in which she was betrayed to join the likes of Lennon, king and Kennedy who had to sacrifice their lives to just bring about a sense of change in the system. She tried to live life without rules little realizing she was overstepping the lines drawn by the royals and the elite who together made up that beast who eventually killed the beauty

These words portray her persona which sir Elton John sang in her funeral, ‘
And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in

And your footsteps will always fall you
Along England’s greenest hills
Your candle’s burned out long before
Your legend never will



A few lines to romantically connect astronomy n geography

Sky is high down is earth
Both lie apart in this universe

They hardly make a couple to elope
As between them is etched a huge gas envelope

The sky with its twinkling eyes is deep n infinite
The earth falls for her been deeply mesmerized

The Earth is seduced by the elegant moon
who continues to make advances hoping to make a room

The moon revolved around in sexy milky white
But all she could manage from earth was frown in form of tides

The sky is married to the sun
And so she can’t escape her hubby and run

Sun jealous of their rendezvous takes a bitter view
He mercilessly beats the sky everyday black n blue

Sky accumulates a plethora of clouds
And bringing down tears of rain
it helplessly starts crying aloud

The earth cannot pacify this cloudburst
All he can do is collect tears of her outburst

The sky continues to cry day n night
The earth continues to absorb with no end in sight

Finally the sky feels better n returns to blue
Telling the earth how comforted she was in arms with you

The sky expresses love by a cute little show
It gives a flying kiss in form of an enchanting rainbow

The earth finally makes in her heart some room
both kinda meet each other in the great tropical monsoon

Both the lovers know with each other they can’t marry
But they will continue staring into each other
as long as there eye lashes can carry

They continue to happily stare each other ever after



Success goes into your head, failure occupies your heart but when you are coroneted as world champions perhaps the occasion separates bat and ball. With India’s scathing defeat to its ancestral colonial power, it ensured a pattern inform of the ‘post’ world cup syndrome where both our WC winning teams have slumped to big defeats after registering a world cup glory.

The White wash faced by men in blue not only surprised cricketing pundits but also the young English side which was expecting competitive cricket. The founders of the game floundered every step of India’s campaign to plunge the financial superpowers of the game into its worst quagmire on English soil. The pathetic display aided by a string of injuries and IPL may sum up to cement the reasons for the nightmare but it also pinpoints the amazing tendency of our world cup winning teams to slump after a successful world cup run. When Kapils devils took the hat trick away from Clive Lloyds ‘invincibles’ , the world champions were then bludgeoned at home in both versions of the game by the touring West Indies side taking the sheen away from the cup winners. While the previous world champions in 1983 were underdogs who unexpectedly grabbed the penchant, Dhoni’s men in blue were kind of formidable favorites to lift the trophy and boasted an impressive squad to suffice the English.However the Indians were trampled by a terrific all round display by the english notwithstanding pathetic ‘never want to win’ attitude of the men in blue. A game has its share of wins and losses but the most important worries of this plummet were the slide in the rankings by two points and the ‘ease’ in which the English squeezed the school boy looking Indian team.

The Indian side needs to reform back into a formidable unit with the all important Australian series down under in horizon. It must ensure that Tendulkar gets a pompous farewell down under akin to the world cup success, spoiling Ricky Pontings retirement applecart and redeeming itself as an on field superpower. And whatever the outcome may emerge, it is expected to be a spicy battle of exciting nail biting contest in Australia rather than a meek bland surrender we tasted this English summer.



My forefathers were not even toddlers when the ancient wonders of the world existed.Today my father wont graciously fund my trip to the seven wonders of the modern world.Nevertheless I live in a city that can capitulate itself to a ‘wonder’ and in this piece of writing I have tried to assemble together seven wonders of Mumbai

You may think of it as an unexpected drizzle,crow dropping,remants of a waterbottle or even Bisleri. Millions have seen UFO, still astronomers wonder if they actually exist, likewise millions here spit and have seen others spit. But its still a mystery as to why people love to splash the roads.Spray paintings a subcultured form of spitting, is better than Asian paints as it will remains forever on its innocent targets.


‘Maa’ is the first word you perhaps speak when you are a neonate. But ‘teri maa ka’ for the first time u will learn to frustratingly utter when u negotiate with these guys.They seem to be funded by swiss accounts and u realy wonder as to where they actually wanna go.Its futile to understand just what makes them so arrogant,coz even Schumacher is polite.A rick wala stopping n asking u is equivalent to a girl asking u out for a date.You cant stop blushing at your destiny.

“Zindagi na mile dobara” actually is apt when u are about to embark in this misadventure and just as Katrina said ”life is experiencing every breath u take”, this one actually takes ur every breath away and yes u can feel it in this ‘anaerobiosis’.The whole point of this journey is to get urself out alive but not before experiencing natures exotic perfumes, getting perhaps molested by horny bastards, and getting indirectly associated with bhajans mandals.

When people complained of waterlogging, the BMC took it seriously and made holes to allow it to seep perhaps and we now call the work of these assholes on roads as potholes.The twinkling stars in the sky must be wondering what is so attractive on the streets of Mumbai,which has modified a nursery rhyme in this way

twinkle twinkle little stars
less u are than potholes yaar
deep they are in breadth n height
making bumpy every ride

Well I would commomerate this one by just one sweet n simple line, it is the only place in the world where u get ‘pee’ with panipuri.

Whenever u travel on a local in Mumbai especially if u love to hang around the doors u might get to see a different hanging garden.You may witness men sitting in a line(necklace) to defecate along the railway tracks especially in the morning which happens to be the only wonder making u seriously realise how previliged u are to have a toilet at home.

It is the seventh wonder, present in all of us inside deeply inculcated somewhere,which has the capacity to resist everything right from rains to explosions and is wholly important in making us a part of the rocking bambaiya civilization.

My sincere apologises to those who missed the list….if u can suggest any such great wonder please feel free to comment…..best ones will win a free trip to any of these wonders



I dedicate these lines for my sweet mother who has tolerated me for so many years……

In you I was just a tiny dot
It’s since then I meant something to you a lot

You carried me for nine months with strain
You hurried me to school with so much pain

Aai was the first word I spelled
From crawling to walking was your soft hand I held

You hugged me when I was broken
You understood my pains even without a word been spoken

You become angry for my good
You have forgiven me graciously if I have ever been rude

You checked my temperature a thousand times if not well
Helping me in my academics you have propelled me to excel

You have abused rains for giving me cough and cold
Even if fate will harm me you will curse it and scold

No KFC, no MacD can match what you cook
And when I am late nothing can catch the way you look

I wish to be always in one protective wear
Its in your wonderful blessings and your phenomenal care

It is said that people may have felt god in one way or the other
But each of us are lucky to be blessed by a deity called the Mother

Three things never change in life
sun rising in the east
sun setting in the west
and my mother yelling at me always in between 🙂

love u Aai


A few lines for shyness

She has been with me through thick n thin
She is shyness who is besotted in me within

She has being with me since school
Her presence within has made me a fool

She is too possessive to let me go
In every movement she makes me slow

She hugs me tightly in crowd
She unsettles me when there is any girl around

With me she hangs around all the time
Every step with her feels like commiting a crime

She interrupts me when I talk
She spoils my posture when I walk

Shes the one who gives me pain
An approach to anything she makes it in vain

It takes a lot to forget her when we fight
Just a moment though is enough to spring her back to life

A frown is all she asks me to wear
‘Nervous’ n ‘silence’ are her two babies i bear

I wanna dump her coz shes too tough to carry
N sky shall fall if she ever asks me to marry

This relationship will last as long as it can be
Perhaps i would love to be a single
When shyness will say goodbye to me

Dedicated to all those who are too shy and prefer to remain on a silent mode…



Recently I happened to watch the amazing advertisement of a popular tabloid called ‘DNA’ in which they had portrayed a dreamy hypothetical pre match anthem session before the kickoff of an Brazil-India FIFA world cup 2022 game. Learnado dicaprio perhaps depended upon a spinning table top to stop and ascend into his reality. But I needed just a sarcastic smile from my friend to pull me out of my two min emotional rollercoster,to make me realize how funny the rosy painted picture of the Indian football team in that FIFA finals looked when the real picture is quite dark and starry.

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter on his visit to India during his reelection bid emphasized the phenomenal interest of football in the country but quickly added the lack of progress in the game over the years to diplomatically coin ‘sleeping giant’ terminology. Dreams of playing a FIFA world cup in the immediate future looks bleak but the surprise Qatar ‘setback’ shown by the Lawrence led Indian team laminates the fact that we are giants when it comes to talent , not sleeping but perhaps sedated by the lack of resources, infrastructure and a serious administrating body. I am not an expert in football but all i do know is that ‘fitness’ is the life and blood of this game which an Indian player maybe lacking owing to substandard facilities of training here. Stars like Rooney and Messi are ‘cultured’ to play football; the boys are picked up when young and are given all the required necessary assistance to ‘groom’ them into a worldclass footballer.These players are not burdened by financial constraints or a lack of sponserer which is a fundamental factor in making this beautiful game ‘ugly’ in the country.This kind of a ‘Footballing’ system rooted there is absent in India which is further riddled with other excruciating problems of inferior infrastructure, lack of media interest, nepotism, corruption,lack of international exposure and last but not the least ,the ‘shameful’ infiltration of political arena in sports. M.s Gill was instrumental in neutralizing khalistan militants out of Punjab but those skills are useless and incompatible when you are made the chairman of the hockey federation of India. On similar lines, the Indian football association has always been used as a ‘fiefdom’ by Das Munshi family, the former head(a prominent Congress politician) to Prafful Patel, the current incumbent (what does he know about the game?).Prafful Patel the highly appraised civil aviation minister has failed to propell the game into high skies which generally has shown intermittent display of spirited flights in the form of some rousing performances by our team.

Indian football is like that determined crawling toddler who looks bright and promising, and so it needs a serious domestic federation to make it stand,a professionally exceptional ‘fergussionish’ coach to make it run, an international exposure to make it competitive and an investment to make it financially secure ,so that it can grow, mature and transform itself into the likes of Messi and Ronaldo one fine day.

This Indian victory against Qatar if you put it in the mouth of Neil Armstrong is a small step but a giant leap for Indian Football…



Mumbai has been a customer of both imported and exported terror, exposing itself to a range of small and large scale militant operations but every time its spirit and resilience has plastered it back into business in days. But ‘moving on’ simply doesn’t imply ‘’letting off’’ the perpetrators and keep repeating the same glaring mistakes which encourages those brainless mass assassins to replicate carnages with bigger and better implications.

Veins and arteries in our body transport blood to and fro from the heart to keep it beating. Likewise the suburban railway system spread across the city of Mumbai ferries scores of commuters ushering the city to breathe and live. On a rainy crowded July 11,2006, these purported lifelines of Mumbai were systematically targeted with precision at vulnerably juicy peak hours of the evening to kill hundreds of innocent civilians.7/11 stands out amongst other terror strikes for not only endangering something that we cannot avoid but also has emerged as a flawless textbook operation for the perpetrators as yet not a single charge sheet has been filed by the investigating agencies. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Spanish ETA and Al Qaeda enginnered Madrid train explosions of 2003 , investigations into 7/11 has been a subject of ridicule due to confusion in identifying terror groups responsible owing to intelligence razzmatazz and allegations of coerced confessions along with failures of not vaccinating specifically the easy to target railway network with a strong anti-terror law or a special task force like the Black Cats. A friend request by the D company connected smugglers in form of a ‘1993 infamy’ welcomed city Mumbai into the terror network but its aftermath implanted acts like MCOCA in the constitutional body and booked many foot soldiers altough its handlers and brainchild continue to abscond and make merry.26/11 may have looked like a walk in the park for the kids but it did seize kasab, carving out ‘the NIA’; an antiterrorism watch dog and continues to be a ‘flashpoint’ in the Indo Pak relations and it also has been a subject of talks not only at the secretariat level but even at the chief executive position.7/11 doesn’t feature in talks, doesn’t cater investigations and followed by it being swept away due to layers of so many months and days, it definitely raises questions as to was 26/11 investigation taken seriously coz of its high profile victims and 7/11 discarded becoz it comprised poor and middle class junta??And if yes then are the lives of 188 people who died on that fateful day along with Parag Sawant who is still in coma fighting for his life since then have any value???

A failed shoddy investigation, no follow up by preventive measures , this atrocity slowly fading from the public memory and the ever ready Mumbai fetish terrorist vultures together may push the same susceptible railway network in to the mighty jaws of uninterceptible barbaric terrorist modules.